• Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)

  • List all the members name all who are involved in developing the SWMS
  • List hazardous materials

    [All members of the team undertaking the work]


    [Work is not permitted to proceed until this SWMS has been signed by the appropriate AUTHORITY}

  • Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and Other Legislation / Requirements that work carried out is to comply with.
    AS/NZ 4576 – Guidelines For Scaffolding AS/NZ 1576 – Scaffolding Standard
    Work Near Over Head Powerlines – Code of Practice 2006 *4mtr Exclusion Zone to live unprotected power lines.

  • Additional Identified Hazards:

    Please describe each of your individual Hazard by Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 formation and refer / continue each step number on next Hazard Detail

  • Describe the task (step by step) ie. Step 1, Step 2
  • What are the hazards of each step?
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